About the company

“Mechanical Engineering factory, Ltd.” was open on the 23d of September in 1997 and is registered in Ekaterinburg. Until 2005 company’s main business was trading buying operations for machinery-manufacturing companies and hot stamping of metal. On the 1st of January 2005 “Mechanical Engineering factory” opened a department in “Nevyansk Machinery-Manufacturing factory”.

Manufacture of industrial stamps, pressing moulds, devices, non-standard equipment, cutting and measuring tools both for “Nevyansk Machinery-Manufacturing factory” and other companies of the region became factory’s main activity.

The main customers for the production are the companies whose business is connected to manufacturing and repairing of machinery – Russian Railways Association “RemPutMash”, “Ural Locomotives”, Electric carriages repairing factory.

At the same time “Mechanical Engineering Factory, Ltd.” co-operates with such companies as “Sverdlovsk Machinery-Manufacturing factory”, Chemical factory “Planta”, Federal Governmental Unitary Company “Verhneturinsk Machinery-Manufacturing factory” and with the companies under the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation.

Since 2007 “Mechanical engineering factory, Ltd.” has started carrying out state orders with the increase of the production volume up to 60% in 2012.

In 2008 “Mechanical engineering factory, Ltd.” learnt and started manufacturing band saws with new technical options for wood cutting which allow increasing productivity up to 70%.

The number of the employees in the factory – 180 people.

Machinery park – 120 units.

Production halls area is 4000 m².

Production location - Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk region, tel/fax (34356) 4 21 09, mobile: 8 908 630 43 19 – director; mobile: 8 904 549 37 31 – deputy director.