We offer services of manufacturing industrial stamps, pressing moulds, devices, non-standard equipment, different cutting and measuring instruments (clinches, smooth and thread gauges, cutters of different shapes, patterns) and universal technical work.

We provide services of hot forging and pressing. Moreover, nowadays the company is manufacturing:

  • rollers from 50 mm to 200 mm out of hard alloy and steel P6M5, P18 which are used for metal rolling;
  • rollers and dies of different configurations with the surfacing wire “SABAROS” which are used for pressing working pieces from titanium;
  • reconstruction and manufacture of Guillotine knives;
  • pressing moulds for pressing powder with the use of diamond particles which after sintering are employed in stone processing;
  • cutting instruments, cutters for cutting off and bushing cutters with mechanic holders, analogous to the imported ones;
  • pressing moulds for pressing hard alloys;
  • band saws PLP-2, PLP-4 for cutting wood;

New manufacturing solution with the use of rotating mechanism doubles productivity.