New directions

In 2010 a new direction of development was set:

Powder metallurgy (crushing of any material up to a certain fracture with a special cutting instrument). New unique technology with no equivalent in the world which enables to decrease energy loss, to increase safety in a work place and have a competitive advantage in the world market.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Ekaterina Shtefková and I am representing Scientific Production Enterprise “Rotational Technologies, Ltd.” or “RotaTech” and its subsidiary Mechanical Engineering Factory “Instrumentalny Mechanichesky Zavod, Ltd.” on the topic of “Technologies, equipment and tools of rotational cutting”.

Let me say a few words about the issues “RotaTech” is concentrating on. The needs of public production stimulate constant development of the process manufacturing industry and tool manufacturing technologies which are characterized by wear-resistance of tools materials. Wear-resistance of tools increases due to the force of friction which takes place in the process of cutting with round cutting cups. We are talking about the necessity of developing and introducing innovative, ecologically harmless technologies of rotary cutting into various industries.

We have carried out a theoretical research of the mechanics of bearing units for rolling, planetary mechanisms and friction gears. On the basis of the research, master rotary milling tools and cutters were developed and tested. The tests confirmed our theoretical conclusions about the possibilities of the increase of rotational tools wear-resistance and highlighted the significance and reasonability of their introduction into different industries. The variety of rotational tools and possible spheres of their implementation are demonstrated in our stand.

We have also developed and tested technologies of rotational crushing of workpieces on the machines. The analysis of their sizes and forms provides proofs of their usability in powder metallurgy technologies and in composite manufacturing. It is demonstrated in more details in our stand. In other words, we have developed ecologically harmless, energy and resources saving technology of crushing different industrial and raw materials with the tools of rotational cutting.

The purpose of us being here is the fact that we are looking for both partners and financial opportunities for co-operative commercialization of rotational cutting technologies. Particularly, we are talking about founding an enterprise for the production line of equipment and products of crushing, selling a license for single technical solutions, further crushing of metal swarf for recasting or for briquetting into commodity fractions for powder metallurgy, construction mixture, etc.

Dear colleagues! We would like to thank you for your interest in our project and invite you to our stand in Russian exhibition. We are prepared to answer any of your questions, show you video clips of our tools at work, samples of powders and fibers and awards for our inventions from international salons and exhibitions.