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 The offer on introduction of technologies of rotational cutting

The project name – Technology, the equipment and tools of rotational cutting.

Urgency of a solved problem - Non-polluting, power- and resource-saving technology of crushing of various industrial and raw materials.

Theoretical substantiation - results of basic researches are put In a project basis on contact interaction of two bodies – the round cutting tool and processed preparation. Under certain conditions installations of a cutting element, its geometrical parameters and kinematic dependences the cutting edge moves on a processed surface in a rotate mode with directed sliding: rotation provides high wear resistance of the tool, and sliding provides actually working process. Forces of a friction in a zone of contact of these bodies perform useful mechanical work on rotation of a cutting element, reducing its heating and deterioration of working surfaces.

The description of technical essence - Technology of rotational cutting unlike known traditional cutting is characterized by presence of an additional rotary motion of a cutting plate in the course of processing. For this purpose the plate is executed round, with the central aperture and is established in bearing cutter or mill unit. Rotation of a cutting cup in bearing unit is carried out from a drive or self-rotation from forces of cutting. Other basic movements of cutting: speeds and givings are invariable.

Variants of rotational tools:

  • The cutter contains toolholder and bearing unit with a round cutting cup,
  • The face mill contains a round disk with bearings in knots and cutting cups.

The applied equipment:

  • Turning, milling, planing machine tools for processing by cutting of flat either cylindrical surfaces of preparations or their crushing on powders and fibres,
  • Modules with rotational tools for crushing and removal from a road cloth of ice and condensed snow,
  • Application of the specialized equipment for various technological problems, for example on crushing of wood cross ties or trunks face rotational tools is possible.

The variants of application ready for commercialization:

  • Crushing on milling or planing machine tools of flat preparations on fibres for concrete or metal powders to the fractions claimed in technologies on powder metallurgy, to building mixes, etc.
  • Crushing on lathes of cylindrical or tubular preparations on the powder and fibrous materials used in various industrial branches,
  • Processing of stone plates on the operative equipment without use of greasing and cooling liquids,
  • Destruction and removal наледи and the condensed snow on foot sidewalks with application of manual rotational modules.

Kinds of objects of the industrial property and the legal owner - Are received and 6 Russian patents are kept in force on: the invention №2381874 and useful
models: 87652, 88031, 91017, 100440, 103316. The legal owner – Open Company «RotaTech», the director Gatitulin M. N or Gatitulin M. N's physical person.

Technical and-or economic efficiency from working out use:

  • Wear resistance of tools of rotational cutting above traditional on 2-3 order,
  • Power inputs on crushing of metals by rotational cutting more low in comparison with crushing from the fused metals on 1-2 order, at equal productivity,
  • non-charcoal fumes of metals, temperature of cutting of metals don't exceed 100 degrees of Celsius,
  • The cost price of repartition of crushing of metals on machine tools fractions 0,5 … 1,5 mm doesn't exceed 3-5 thousand rbl. / ton,
  • Chemical compounds of preparation and the powders made of them identical,
  • Ample opportunities to destination the sizes of powders 0,005 … 3,0 mm in narrow, to 0,2 mm, a fractional range.

Demanded investments - Depend on the concrete project and are in a range (5 – 30) million rbl. for the Russian investors at term of the beginning of output by small series within 6 months. Preliminary coordination are necessary for foreign investors.


Creation of joint ventures for a certain commodity ruler of the equipment and crushing products, sale of licenses for ready technical decisions and working out of unaccented rotational grinders drum-type, валкового or tunnel type is possible for:

  • recrushing a metal shaving with its subsequent briquetting on a meltdown or to commodity fractions for powder metallurgy, building mixes, etc.,
  • Crushing of wood switches, trunks and sawdust for briquetting or use in technologies on reception of biofuel, cellulose, etc.,
  • recrushing on open-cast mines after explosive works to commodity fractions of dolomite, limestones, etc.,

Working out awards - working out materials were shown at the international exhibitions and competitions of inventors, noted by medals of Salons: bronze in Geneva, Switzerland 2009, in Moscow on Archimedes, Russia 2011, gold in Tajpee, Taiwan 2011
The developer – Open Company «Rotational Technologies» the Address for correspondence: 454031, Chelyabinsk, Degtyaryov 72 – 1. An E-mail: gg_mm_nn@mail.ru. Ph. +7 904 303 39 67.